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Friday, 11 November 2005 16:00

Our plan when we left here in the spring was to head north back to Vancouver where we were going to spend a couple of weeks visiting with Karley, Ian and Makai before exploring the Sunshine Coast. From there, we had planned to venture inland to see the interior of the province, including the Okanagan Valley and some of the Rockies. We then thought we would gradually make our way east, possibly even taking in the Calgary Stampede, and some of southern Alberta. We figured we would ultimately end up in northern Ontario before heading down to Barrie by September to visit family. Eventually we would continue on our trek heading through Quebec to the east coast before travelling west again. That WAS our plan.

In this RV lifestyle, planning too far in advance is really futile, at least for us, because inevitably something happens to change everything. Last week Karley called us to find out exactly what we had planned to do after we left here. She informed us that they would like it very much if we could hang around for a while because she and Ian are expecting baby # 2 in early July! Funny thing is, two weeks ago while I was at the holistic fair in Palm Springs, I had a brief reading with a psychic who told me Karley was expecting a baby girl. No one knew that she was even pregnant at the time, so I guess we'll see if her prediction on the baby's sex is accurate too.

Yesterday, we spoke with them again and because of their growing family, they have decided to move into a bigger house. Consequently, Rick is flying to Vancouver next Wednesday for a week to help Ian do some cosmetic work to their current house in order to get the best possible price for it. The new house is in Mission, a town outside of the Greater Vancouver area, with five bedrooms and almost an acre of land. The driveway is plenty big enough to accommodate a motorhome so it seems we will have a new campground to park in when we return in the spring. It is times like these when we are so happy to be nomads because it enables us to go where we are needed when we are needed.