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Thursday, 24 November 2005 16:00

Today was my first day of teaching a computer class which I titled “Computers “R” Fun. My main goal is to help folks new to the computer world to become comfortable with them and learn to enjoy them for what they can offer. Surprisingly (to me) it was well attended, I received great compliments and everyone left satisfied. Who would’ve “thunk” I would be teaching a class about computers? After the class I helped an 83 year old former engineer set up his address book so he can make labels for Christmas cards. My hat goes off to him for being an active RVer at his age AND for working with a laptop while he is on the road. I’ll tell you, being here surrounded by older folks of all ages and in every stage of physical condition is really motivational in more ways than one.

Afterwards, Rick and I went out cruising on the bike, something we have done not nearly enough of since we arrived here a month ago. It was great to feel the warm air blowing around us as we headed into Palm Springs and to see the mountains close up. We decided to venture up to the base of the Palm Springs Aerial Tram , an experience we are hoping to take in when we have visitors. Just the drive up to the base was beautiful so we can only imagine how amazing the view will be when we ride it to the top. From there we headed into Palm Springs to cruise along Palm Canyon Drive, the main thoroughfare, and scenic Highway 111. It seems today is the second busiest shopping day of the year following Boxing Day and there was plenty of evidence everywhere. The street was alive with happy holiday shoppers looking for bargains while enjoying the warm weather.

After a while we decided to check out the largest mall in the area which was packed with people. Apparently the stores opened their doors at 6:00 AM, with people lining up at 5:00 and would remain open until 11:00 tonight. There were crazy sales featuring items discounted by as much as 75% and I guess the old adage, “the early bird catches the worm” certainly applies. We did manage to find a couple of hard-to-resist bargains ourselves and by the time we headed home, it was dark and we were exhausted. We had a really great day and it was not long after we got back when we hit the sack for a good night’s sleep.