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Sunday, 27 November 2005 16:00

Yesterday, Ian and Karley left their house in the trusty hands of their real-estate agent while he hosted an open house in an effort to expose it to potential buyers. Vancouver is in the throes of a huge real-estate growth right now and their house is in one of the “hottest” areas of the city. After 80… yes eighty, interested parties went through the house, they had to ponder 6 offers and settled on one that came in with over $70 thousand more than they were asking! I guess the efforts of Rick, Ian, his dad Lachie and Marcus (the contractor) paid off and the happy family will be moving into their new home in Mission at the end of January. Congratulations kids!

It is officially cold in the desert at night now with the mercury plummeting to an overnight low of 7C, something we just aren’t used to. Even though the daytime high has been in the low 20’sC, we aren’t really excited about the cold temperature at night. However, I think this is pretty normal for this time of the year so we might as well get used to it. As long as we don’t get snowed on, really, do we have any right to complain?

This afternoon, we decided to take the bike into Indio and Palm Desert to go shopping at Clarks, our favourite health food store. Despite the warm sunshine, we both wore jeans and I even wore my leather jacket because the wind can be quite cool. By the time we were heading home, the sun was slowly sinking behind the mountains and the air had grown very cold. I was very relieved that we always carry our leather chaps with us and I was very happy to be able to wear them home. For futures rides, we will be sure to have our fleeces, gloves and vests with us, the things we lacked today. It sure was great to get back to a toasty motorhome where we warmed ourselves and had some dinner. I am onto Miso soup now along with tomatoes, cucumber and peppers and those foods were much appreciated tonight.

I use the time on the back of the bike to take pictures of the areas we pass. This is taken along Highway 111 in Indio.