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Sunday, 18 December 2005 16:00

Jay departed from Toronto yesterday shortly after noon on his way to Vancouver via Desert Hot Springs. Providing he doesn’t encounter any unforeseen problems or bad weather, we should catch sight of him by weeks end. Naturally, as his mom, I am a little apprehensive about him driving all this way alone, but I know he is quite capable. I offered to fly to Chicago or elsewhere to meet him so he would have company but I was turned down. Making a cross country trip with your mother just isn’t something any young man would want to brag about anyway! After all, he managed to travel around the globe on his own a few years ago and he returned in one piece, so surely he can get here.

The forecast here has been a little off the mark lately and we experienced an overcast sky AGAIN today but the high reached 23C, so at least it was warmer. I had a private computer lesson scheduled for 10:00 AM and while I worked inside, Rick worked outside cleaning the motorhome. It’s been well over a month, maybe even two, since he last cleaned it and it really needed a good polishing. Once we were both done, Rick suggested we go for a motorcycle ride and so we dressed in our leathers and headed west for a change of scenery.

Just a few miles away at Cabazon, is one of the larger factory outlet malls, Desert Hills Premium Outlets in the USA so we decided to check it out. Surprisingly, it actually had some great quality stores with some really good prices. We enjoyed browsing and though we weren’t in the market for anything at this time, it may be a place that we will return to at a later date. We then headed into Palm Springs to try another Thai restaurant in our efforts to locate the best one in the area. So far we have located at least six Thai restaurants and this is the second one we have tried, but so far they have fallen a little short compared to our favourite one in Vancouver.

Our ride home was a little chilly however dressed in leathers with fleeces underneath kept us toasty. Once we returned we headed for the deserted pool (which felt the warmest we’ve experienced yet) and enjoyed a swim under a starlit sky. We had a really great day!

I took this picture as we were heading west where you can see the overcast skies seemed to lessen.(Please excuse the motorcycle windshield!)