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Tuesday, 20 December 2005 16:00

Yesterday, while we were in Palm Springs, we walked around for a while checking out stores we hadn’t been in before. We wandered into one store that led to a beautiful outdoor courtyard which was shared by several other businesses, one a coffee shop. As we walked around the courtyard we came across two ladies sitting on a bench enjoying their coffee. We exchanged greetings and chatted about the weather, where we were from, what we do etcetera. Anita asked us how we were able to “retire” at such a young age and we explained that we aren’t really retired and that we look for ways to earn a living as we go. We explained some of the things that we do and I mentioned that I have my Level 3 in Reiki. Anita was very excited and she asked me if I would give her elderly father, Bill, a Reiki treatment.

It seems Bill has been very ill and though he has been making some progress, he seems to have reached a plateau and Anita is desperate to help him. She had consulted with a couple of people who told her that he should try some Reiki and lo and behold our paths crossed.

Today Rick and I drove into Palm Springs with my massage table and visited Anita and her dad, Bill, to give him a Reiki treatment. Bill, originally from Nova Scotia, settled here 50 years ago with his New Zealander wife. Their children were all born in Palm Springs though they have been to Canada many times and are well acquainted with their Canadian relatives. They are a great family and Anita’s concern for her dad reminded me so much of myself when my dad was ill and I could feel the love she has for him. After a one hour treatment, Bill was looking and feeling much better and we set up another appointment for early next week. I just love giving Reiki, I love the positive results that it brings and I am looking forward to sharing it with as many people as possible.