The Meaning of Christmas PDF Print E-mail
Sunday, 25 December 2005 16:00

Yesterday, Christmas Day, Rick, Jay and I spent most of our day with Jennifer our friend and neighbour here. It had been our intention to relax and hang out with each other enjoying the fabulous weather, however even on Christmas Day; plans don’t always go the way they are intended.

Three and a half weeks ago, our other neighbour, Pat, entered the hospital here for what was supposed to be a routine heart surgery that would keep her hospitalized for two or three days. There were many unforeseen complications and she was just released from hospital on Wednesday, still in pretty tough shape. Fortunately, Jennifer is a fully trained nurse with a Bachelor of Science degree and she and Rick have been helping Pat’s husband, Warren, take care of Pat. It has been very challenging and difficult because sadly, Pat was released too soon and her health has been declining since her arrival home.

Yesterday, Pat took a turn for the worse and was not able eat anything, move on her own and was even having difficulty breathing. Rick and Jennifer assisted Warren as much as they could and eventually Jennifer was able to convince Pat that she needed to go back to the hospital. A call was made and very quickly the EMS workers arrived to transport this gravely ill woman to the hospital. Were it not for my husband and our friend, the Good Samaritans, it is impossible to say how Christmas Day would have unfolded for our neighbours. The day, though not typical at all, turned out to be exactly what Christmas is all about, a special day of giving to those less fortunate. I am very proud of Rick and Jennifer for their compassion and kindness and I am happy to say that today Pat is holding her own and feeling a little better.