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Saturday, 21 January 2006 16:00

Last night after arriving at Christine and Fred’s house at 11:00, we stayed up and chatted for a couple of hours and though it was very late for them, it was nearer the time I am used to going to bed. I uploaded my day’s events and picture before finally turning out the light at 1:35 AM and much to my surprise, I was awake at 8:45 this morning feeling well rested and ready to start my day.

Chris and I spent some time together before I headed into Orillia to visit my mother who is living in a retirement residence in Orillia. Mom, who will be 83 on her next birthday had a fall last summer and fractured some discs in her spine. Since then she has become bedridden and for the past several months her health has been declining, hence my trip back here. I found her laying flat in bed, very frail and a little confused but considering how little she eats, I was surprised at how well she was doing. Sadly, I don’t see her getting any better and I am aware that this may be our last time visiting together. I left with the promise that I would be back again on Tuesday.

From there, I headed back to Coldwater to spend the afternoon with my dear friend Rosanne where we got caught up on each others latest news. Later I gave her an interesting Reiki treatment after which we shared what we each experienced during it. Historically my Reiki experiences with her are always amazing and today’s was no exception.

Thanks to the fresh snow they received here on Friday and yesterday morning, everything looks so pretty and with the weather here today being sunny and mild, -2C, it was a perfect way for me to become reacquainted to Ontario in the winter!