Bye, Bye For Now Print
Friday, 15 September 2006 16:00

We had no schedule this morning but probably because of our anticipation of getting the Moho back on the road after a three and a half month rest, we woke up early. It’s always exciting to make the “next trip” but when you are parked beside loved ones that are hard to leave, taking off becomes difficult. We did some serious hugging, lots of kissing and some crying, but we managed to get on the road by 10:30 AM.

We are heading east on this trip; to Osoyoos, Canada’s desert, for a couple of days and then onto Waterton Lakes National Park in southwest Alberta before heading south. Though cloudy and cool, we had no rain on our trip and the driving was good. Because we have taken this route a couple of times before, I took the opportunity to read about and play with my camera in between some sightseeing. Heading east may seem to be the wrong direction because there has already been some snow in the mountains, but these areas are places we have wanted to go to for some time.

We stopped in Princeton for lunch and arrived in Osoyoos at the Nk’mip RV Park located on the shores of Canada’s warmest lake, Lake Osoyoos, by 3:30 PM. For the first time in three months I activated our Direcway Satellite dish for internet access and it worked like a charm. (I wasn’t sure how it would work after sitting for three months!) Likewise our TracVision satellite television dish found it’s satellite in record time and everything was working as well as it always has. Yay! Rick unloaded the motorcycle so that tomorrow we can go into town for our Sunday morning coffee and explore the area. So here we are; back in motion with our loved ones behind us; missing them but enjoying the road as well.

Tonight we tried the webcam with some success but because we are using satellite internet the transmission is a little slow. This photograph was taken just as we were getting ready to leave; Makai said “I come?” which caused a flood of tears and a huge hug!