A Summer of Firsts and Lasts PDF Print E-mail
Saturday, 16 September 2006 16:00

We had an awesome summer. Spending it in Mission with Karley and Ian was better than we ever expected and now it is time for reflections. It was a summer of many firsts and many lasts and another reminder of why we should all live our lives to the fullest.

We experienced Monet’s birth; her transition from a frail, colicky new-born to a chubby little “smiler” and we will never see her like that again. When we arrived Makai was still a little klutzy on his feet and his vocabulary consisted of single, garbled words. When we left he had mastered surefootedness and was clearly linking words together forming small sentences, again things that will never be the same. We miss the morning visits with a resounding “Ro” when Makai walked in the door (his way of saying “hello”), the big hugs and the sweet smile from Monet’s face. Children grow so incredibly fast that in the three months when we come back for Christmas, both kids will be in new and different phases of their lives.

This morning we slept in, watched a movie, padded around in the kitchen without wearing a housecoat and the Moho is still tidy and clean; all things that we couldn’t do with our little morning visitor. We puttered around this morning and took the bike into Osoyoos for coffee at 11:00 but we both thought of how much we missed our grandchildren and how blessed we are. All our experiences with them will be in the past, never to be repeated in the same way again and we wouldn’t trade a single day of our summer for anything.