Her “Bestest” Playmate PDF Print E-mail
Written by Susan Hollingshead   
Thursday, 22 March 2007 11:00

mar 23-07.jpgJay’s flight arrived in Palm Springs at 9:40 last night and he arrived hungry. Having left Vancouver at 5:00 PM, stopping very briefly in Salt Lake City enroute, he had no time to eat and the junk they offer for sale in flight wasn’t going to cut it. We headed over to The Spa Casino where we knew the restaurants were open late and filled Jay with some very good Chinese food from the Noodle Bar eatery.

After a short time spinning the slots and ultimately donating a total of $40 to the casino, we headed back to the motorhome. Upon entering the rig, Sam was evidently excited about the fact that her “buddy”, Jay was here because she immediately sprung out of her resting place and began to pester him. Rick and I might just as well have disappeared for all she cared because she only had eyes for her pal.

Jay is to Sam what he is to Makai…the “bestest” playmate ever! Evidently through the night while Jay tried to sleep, Sam continued to head-butt him, dig on him and meow at him trying to get him to respond with affection. According to Jay, if tonight is a repeat of last, we may find Sam relocated to the great outdoors to play with the neighbourhood bunnies. Wink She continues to be enamoured by him and spends every moment she can just enjoying his attention. Here she is sitting on his lap as Jay watched the hockey game on TV this evening.