Annoying Wastefulness Print
Written by Susan Hollingshead   
Tuesday, 20 March 2007 11:00

mar 21-07.jpgToday was my second last full day in the office and unlike the past few; my entire day wasn’t spent trouble shooting computer problems. In fact, though I did have a couple of small issues with other folks computers I accomplished a lot of things of my own.

I finally went through all of our mail that we received from Canada earlier in the month, sorting, organizing and discarding. Before we became fulltimers I contacted everyone we received correspondence from and begged them to stop sending us anything but critical items. We seemed to have things under control, receiving very little via the old-fashioned snail mail way…or so it seemed. Sadly it seems the paper mail has begun to increase again and I will have to re-contact all the offenders and see if that can be changed.Undecided

You would think that aside from the cost of postage, the cost and waste of paper would be incentive enough for banks, cell phone companies and other businesses to use email whenever possible. Granted not everyone has a computer or uses the internet but for those of us who do, email is the preferred way to receive bills and statements.

By working around the park, Rick comes across some of the neatest things…such as this Mourning Dove sitting on her eggs in a nest wedged in one of the resident cacti!