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Written by Susan Hollingshead   
Sunday, 11 March 2007 11:00

mar 12-07.jpgLast year at this time, the temperatures were considerably cooler and the San Jacinto Mountain was snow-covered as you can see by this journal entry. It’s hard to believe this year it could be so different. Today we peaked at 36C (97F) and it was definately hot enough though because of the lack of humidity, it was more than tolerable.

Surprisingly my computer class was well attended though perhaps it was because it was held in air-conditioned comfort. People seem to either wallow in the pool, play water volleyball or hang out in shaded areas trying to avoid the hot rays of the sun. I like the later light-filled evenings and I delayed my morning walk by half an hour so that at least it begins to get light by the time I finish. This morning I continued to listen to “The Secret” which made an hour go by really fast (it is a four and a half hour CD). Much of the philosophy spoken about in the CD is what Jim taught and practiced when he was alive, so I am quite familiar with it. It’s nice to be reminded of the value of positive thinking.

Rick continues to prepare things for our imminent departure at the end of the month; this afternoon he repaired one flat tire on the trailer and one on his bicycle. He is a distributor for a product line called “Bitron” which has, among other things, a pretty awesome tire repairing product so there was no heavy manual labour involved. As the evening winds down (and things cool off a little) he is completing the detailing of our rig as I think of what I can create for dinner! It may be hot here but it sure beats cold snow or grey rainy days in other parts of the continent.Cool