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Written by Susan Hollingshead   
Thursday, 08 March 2007 11:00

mar 9-07.jpgFinally, last night before I headed to bed, I was able to program my new iPod but to be fair; only with Rick’s help. I have been known to be stubborn occasionally, resisting help from others and after struggling for a couple of hours conceded that I needed some assistance. My non-technologically challenged husband, who evidently reads things more thoroughly than I do, gave me some directions and voila…my iPod works!

This morning our friend Rich Ouellette sent me an email with the same directions that my Rickey provided (they are so much alike) so eventually I HAD to get the little device working. Thanks to both of you! This morning while walking, I enjoyed listening to one of the four CD’s I downloaded to it and this afternoon I downloaded an audio book to it as well. I think I might even learn to love my little pink iPod!

Earlier this week, Rick was shown another hummingbird nest in one of the oleander shrubs in the lower park. This nest has two babies, which you can see are practically bursting out of it, and they are quite large (for baby hummingbirds). It’s hard to believe that as quiet and still as they are here, soon they will be flying at the same lightening speeds as their parents!