The Cat May Be Away…But The Mice Weren’t Playing Print
Written by Susan Hollingshead   
Tuesday, 06 March 2007 11:00

mar 7-07.jpgMy “boss”, Sue, is away. In fact she was away; yesterday Sue had surgery on her neck to repair some damaged discs caused from a nasty fall on a cruise ship this past autumn. Most people having this surgery would still be in hospital recovering but Sue isn’t a “most” people. This afternoon, barely 24 hours after surgery, she returned to the park with her daughter, Connie, and her husband, Dail, by her side to look after her.

Fortunately, Sue’s friend has also come here to help and she has taken over for her in the sales office. Both my “bosses” are great folks to work for and though we miss Sue, we are hoping that the knowledge that the office is running well, will give her the incentive to let herself heal fully.

Today is my all-day in the office day and from the moment I entered the door at 9:30 AM until I left at 4:15 PM, my day was spent working on computers. Most of the time I had two or three folks waiting for my help. Is there a full moon for computers? I am seriously beginning to wonder if that phenomenon exists because computer issues seem to be either non existent or they come in droves. The best part is every problem becomes a teaching tool for both the owner and myself and so far, the problems have all been resolvable. Whew!

So though the “cat” may be away, there’s been no playing in our office. Sue, take care and get well soon!