How Long Does It Take? PDF Print E-mail
Written by Susan Hollingshead   
Thursday, 22 February 2007 11:00

feb 23-07.jpgSince before we started on this journey, I have written here everyday and with almost every entry I have included a photograph. In the Picture Gallery I have often posted as many as 15 pictures at a time, but recently I haven’t added any pictures there. Since the beginning I have regularly backed up my photographs onto CD’s for future reference. I have also backed every journal entry onto CD’s so essentially I have a copy of the entire website should the internet “edition” ever go missing.

With the recent web site changes as you may have discovered, there are a few wonky pages and no doubt some other errors I have yet to discover. As a result I am now loading all my “backed up” documents and pictures onto an external hard-drive that we purchased last fall. As of this writing, so far it has taken me over five hours to simply move files from one form of media storage into another and I am not finished! FrownArghh!

Once everything is on the hard drive it will be much more accessible and at that time, I will start to go through the entire website, one page at a time and correct the problems. Once they are resolved you will start to see new categories that will be cross-referenced with dates and then the whole site will be where I envision it to be. This latest change is a big one that entails a lot of work and no doubt it will take me a while to complete but I look forward to finishing it. Thanks for hanging in there with me!

Here is a picture of some folks enjoying the putting green here at Catalina Spa, the one that Rick works on everyday to keep it looking so good.