Rain....Are You Sure? Print
Written by Susan Hollingshead   
Wednesday, 21 February 2007 11:00

feb 22-07.jpgBoy, the weather certainly isn’t consistent this year; it’s sunny and hot one day and then cool and windy the next. I suppose we should be happy that we aren’t dealing with rain or worse; snow like many parts of the country. Today though it was a warm day, 21C (69.8F), it was windy; a light wind at first but very strong by mid-afternoon and with the wind came some clouds. We find it interesting that when the forecast calls for rain, IF we get it, we are surprised to see more than a few drops and so it was today.

In fact the clouds never materialized over our area but they were clearly visible in the mountains and through Banning Pass to the west of us. It wasn’t until we went over to Palm Springs and Rancho Mirage that we experienced any raindrops and even that was so minimal that they evaporated off the windshield before we even had a chance to use the wipers.

Tomorrow the temperature will drop a little more and the rain will remain in the forecast but once again, I’m sure we won’t feel any of it. Desert living may not be ideal during the summer months but it certainly is the place we like to be for the winter.Cool