A Big Babysitting Day PDF Print E-mail
Written by Susan Hollingshead   
Friday, 09 February 2007 09:25

img_1503 (custom).jpgToday we sent Karley and Ian off to the Cabazon Outlet Mall while we stayed home and babysat. I remember how difficult it was to shop for myself when I was lugging a couple of toddlers around and consequently I wore the same things over and over again. We wanted Karley and Ian to have some time to be alone together and do some shopping while we babysat.

The first thing we did once their mom and dad left was take Makai and Monet into Palm Springs to buy some groceries. Everything went well until Granni sneezed and scared Monet which caused quite a commotion. Frown The folks at Trader Joes, scurried around and produced two helium filled balloons which halted the wailing mid breath and kept two little kids very happy all the way home. In case you don’t know already….I love Trader Joes!

We managed to get home, pull together a lunch and get the kids in bed for their afternoon naps (I was able to catch 15 minutes too while Monet sleptLaughing) without anymore problems. Because Monet’s bed is in the rental cabin and Makai sleeps at our place, Rick and I were each in different places during naptime. In short order the day was coming to an end, Karley and Ian returned with a few bags in arm and the kiddies were happy to see them. Amazingly, we all survived our big day but this Granni and Grampa are all worn out. It was a Big Babysitting Day!