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Thursday, 01 February 2007 16:00

The weather here is unsettled again; windy and cool (the high reached only 19C or 66F) but we still have lots of sunshine. Tonight we heard about the deadly tornados that have hit Florida, another example of how crazy our climate has become and our hearts go out to the folks who are now dealing with loss. Despite the unusual weather here, we haven’t experienced anything that can be considered severe and for that we are grateful.

Rick has been busy this week with his continuous work of building more cactus gardens and in his spare time, he has been working on his Saw Whet owl carving. The bird carving classes formally wrapped up this week so now the completion has to be done in the evenings. Being such a detail-oriented guy, it is taking him a long time but based on what I see so far the finished product will be beautiful. Way to go, Rickey!

I had a restful day off, though I did have three small computer-fixes to attend to, the bulk of my day was spent having some quiet time at home. After being on the go non- stop for the past two weeks, it was a day I really enjoyed. On Monday the MacLachlan family will be arriving to spend nine days with us, so the whirlwind will begin once again. As a result, I will try to spend the duration of the weekend in much the same fashion as today.