The Deal is Closed PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 18 December 2003 16:00

2003-11-08.jpgWell, today it is official. The house is sold and the deal is closed! Hooray! Laughing

Barb invited us to lunch at Shirley's Bayside Grill in Barrie, one of our favourite restaurants. After lunch we went to the lawyer’s office to complete the transaction. I had felt a sore throat coming on last night but I hoped I had taken enough Vitamin C to stop it from becoming any more severe. Unfortunately, I wasn't successful and I was progressively feeling worse. However, the excitement of finally reaching this point wasn't going to stop me from celebrating just a bit.

I was feeling a little nervous about our future and where it would lead us and also a little emotional knowing that the house was no longer ours. We returned to the RV and I went to bed but not before going on the Internet to research "Influenza". I knew that's what I had. It was spreading rapidly in the community but I had hoped I could keep my immune system strong enough to beat it. There had been free flu shots available but I was against getting one and had hoped I had not been exposed to it. At any rate, I now had it and all I wanted to do was not spread it to anyone else and get over it quickly.

Jay called to tell us he was taking Rachel to the Bahamas for four days and wouldn't be back until Christmas Day. I was disappointed that he wouldn't be joining us as soon as I had hoped but I also understood. Karley is flying in tomorrow and her friend Stacy will bring her here on Sunday. Monday we are heading over to Collingwood.