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Written by Susan Hollingshead   
Thursday, 31 July 2003 00:00

By the end of July, Rick and I had decided to park the motorhome beside the house and continue to live in it until the house sold. Everyone thought we had lost our minds! Our thought, however was now that most of our needed belongings were in the motorhome and we had nicely become used to living in it, why unload it when eventually we'd be back in it again, permanently. It made more sense for us to continue living in the RV and convert our house bedroom into a guest room. That way, we could empty out one of the other bedrooms and give the furniture to Jay and Bill in Markham where they badly needed it.

We drove down to Toronto on Thursday night to see Rosemary Altea . There were almost 400 people in the room and we sat in the middle of the room, halfway between the front and back row. Rosemary spoke about her next book, her beliefs and her spirituality. She told us that when we die, we are all drawn to a white light and only very rarely does it not happen. After about twenty-five minutes, she opened up the floor to the audience for questions. Several of us put up our hands, so she started at the far side of the room where a family was sitting and she proceeded to reveal to them some messages from the spirit of a loved one. She shared information that only they knew and she was very accurate. Suddenly, everyone had their hands up.

As she spoke with an assortment of other people, she looked over at Rick and I. After she was finished talking with another lady, she walked over to us and gave me the opportunity to ask my question. I asked her why someone would not go to the light. She told me that we don't go to the light if we experience a really sudden death because we are kind of caught off guard and confused. Then she told me that there was a spirit with me and asked if Rick was there with me because the spirit was standing directly behind him. She looked at Rick and told him that the spirit was saying that Rick had great hair, a little greyer than when he saw him last but great hair. We knew immediately that the spirit was Jim. When Jim died he was going bald and always bugged Rick about how lucky he was to have a full head of hair.

Jim then told us, through Rosemary, that he still loved to read though what he reads now was much better. He told Rick that he would tickle his ear anytime Rick had doubts about the spiritual path we were on as it was all very real. She described exactly what Jim went through while he was drowning, as if she was experiencing it herself. Once shortly after Jim died, I had tearfully commented that it was such a waste, for him to die so young. That evening, through Rosemary, he scolded me for saying that his life was wasted because now he helps little children cross over.

Rosemary suddenly became very emotional and took a few seconds to compose herself. She apologized and said this didn't happen to her very often but that Jim was very emotional and he caught her off guard. She said that he said he was sorry! Until that moment, I had been angry at Jim for leaving his children at the time he did because it was so hard for them. He told us that he loved us (Rick, me and the kids) all very much and he was always helping us as we went through life. The entire evening was extremely emotional. I knew we were supposed to attend this evening with Rosemary but I had no idea why. We left the event feeling comforted in the knowledge that Jim was in such a good place.