Towing Questions PDF Print E-mail
Written by Susan Hollingshead   
Wednesday, 03 September 2003 00:00

The trip to Thunderbay was a great eye-opener. We were undecided whether we should keep the Jetta or whether we should buy a new, larger vehicle. The argument for a larger vehicle was that it would be more spacious and we could stow our bicycles among other things in it. We really liked the look of the Nissan Murano but it was not towable and we were also considering either a Honda Pilot or an Odyssy. If we went with the Murano, then we were considering towing it on a trailer. A covered trailer would give us lots of storage space and keep the vehicle clean and safe but then we would have to contend with where to keep it when we were camped. Some campsites charge extra for storing a trailer and often there is no room at a campsite to keep it with us. Then of course, there is the extra towing weight to consider.

Towing an empty, open car trailer to Thunderbay was a breeze. We didn't even know it was there most of the time; however, towing it with a pick-up truck on it was a whole different thing. We could feel the pull and knew immediately that towing a vehicle, four wheels down, was the way to go. The difference in fuel mileage was a factor as well. Our motorhome has a 500 Cummins engine in it and can handle the extra weight without any problems, however a covered trailer with a vehicle in it would increase the fuel consumption and we needed to consider that.

Another reason we were thinking of getting a larger tow vehicle was because we find that when driving any distance in the Jetta, our hips get cramped. We have adjusted the seats every possible way but to no avail. I've come to the conclusion that Volkswagen makes their cars for short haul only or they are designed for people without long legs. After really taking all factors into consideration, we decided to keep the Jetta as it really tows well and we figured any long haul trips will be made in the motorhome anyway, not the Jetta.