A Pleasant Surprise! PDF Print E-mail
Written by Susan Hollingshead   
Wednesday, 16 January 2008 11:08
jan 17.jpgThe time space between my entries is growing longer every time and for that I apologize. Life is flying by rapidly because we are busy and being in a new (to us) business...busy is a good thing. Bill and Laura are settling in nicely, each taking to their new roles at AllCare like ducks to water. Their ideas and hard work are everything we had hoped for and more and we all see a bright future ahead.

Last week we were pleasantly surprised by a visit from Jamie (my youngest son) and his girlfriend Mary, albeit short (five nights), we were just happy they were here. They spent two nights in the guest suite here at our condo complex, a night at Karley’s in Mission and two nights downtown in Yaletown with Jay. Though the weather was grey, dull and rainy here in the lower mainland, the higher altitudes experienced white precipitation and the snow line was clearly visible on the surrounding mountains. That meant that Cypress Mountain, a local ski resort, was getting blasted with snow daily which was just the invitation the three siblings and Mary needed to take the day to enjoy the slopes. According to their reports a great time was had by all.

Saturday night the four New Westminster Hollingshead’s joined the Seabrook boys and Mary for dinner at a jazz club, Capone's in Yaletown, where we enjoyed hearing about their antics at Cypress and their visit to Mission with Karley. It seems they have several transplanted friends here who also joined us at Capone's and I was reminded of the frequent gatherings we had of family and friends when we lived in Ontario. It was really nice having all the brothers (Jay, Jamie and Bill) together and we spent the evening enjoying some terrific music while laughing hysterically at some of their stories. Of course the sunny weather moved in on Sunday as Jamie and Mary were heading back to Ontario but hopefully they will return again soon when the weather is better.

On Sunday, we got together one last time for brunch before Rick and I took Jamie and Mary to the airport and Bill coaxed us into posing for a group shot.