Pains in Places I Didn't Know Existed PDF Print E-mail
Written by Susan Hollingshead   
Monday, 01 October 2007 14:56
oct 2-07.jpgJust when I thought I was recovering from all the packing and moving… our furniture arrived! By Saturday I made sure both bedrooms were completely devoid of anything on the floor so that when the carpet layers arrived, they could just get the job done quickly which they did. I spent Saturday evening and Sunday reinstalling the floor to ceiling bookcase and moving boxes into closets and out of the way so that on Monday the furniture could be easily put in place. My poor body was tired…very tired. Then came Monday!

There was a time, long ago, that furniture arrived assembled; it was simply a matter of placing it where you wanted it. Times have changed and in order to cut down on packing and shipping costs, now we, the consumers have to become furniture builders! I liked the good old days! Yesterday everything was delivered and fortunately the moving crew did put the two beds together and our dressers came preassembled. However the heavy wooden tables (coffee, side and dining) and dining chairs came in boxes! With Rick away, the onus fell on me to get busy building, that or look at large cardboards boxes until he gets back (maybe next week?). I opted to become a furniture builder and by midnight I was far from done but more than ready for bed. 

This morning, with my body aching in places I didn’t know existed, I tackled the rest of the assembly work. Lugging heavy pieces of wood is hard on a 52 year old! One chair has to be replaced (the wood split as I was putting it together) and our mattress box spring is being exchanged for a low profile one. (The bed currently overpowers the room as you can see!) Now I get to put things away (well at least some of the stuff) until our closet organizer comes in a couple of weeks! Yay!