Another Big Adventure for Makai Print
Written by Susan Hollingshead   
Saturday, 28 July 2007 21:17
july 29-07.jpgOkay so it’s a good thing people don’t rely on me for fortune telling because my prediction last night that the big backyard campout would end with Makai awake and Rick asleep by 11:00 was completely wrong. It seems they both settled in quite well and made it quietly through the night not waking until 7:00 this morning. The big backyard adventure was a resounding success!

In fact it was so successful we both went out on a big fat limb and have decided to try something even more adventurous. Tonight Makai joined Granni and Grampa in Yaletown at our unfurnished condo AND he is staying here with us for THREE nights!!! Well we aren’t entirely unfurnished; we have a Thomas the Train blow-up bed and a brand new jumbo queen-size air mattress in the bedroom and two lovely $6 fold out chairs from Home Depot in our living room. Oh, and of course, we mustn’t forget the wooden balcony furniture we brought with us from Indiana, our souvenirs from Amish country.

Rick and I both have appointments downtown this week; mine tomorrow and Rick’s on
Wednesday, so it made sense for us to stay here and get some work done too. After my appointment we will pick up some paint for the walls and perhaps some room darkening drapery for the bedroom. We may or may not get started on the painting this week (with our little helper here it maybe difficult) but we will get prepared. We’ll be doing some visiting as well, after all, Makai’s Uncle Jay lives three blocks away, and we are very near to Stanley Park and a beach.

So the adventure continues and we are all having fun; Karley gets some one on one time with Monet and we get some alone time with Makai. Karley and Ian are already missing their little boy and if it becomes too much for Makai (or Mommy and Daddy), he can go home with his daddy after work tomorrow or Tuesday (Ian works in Burnaby, not too far from here.) The photograph here shows our little roommate settling in for his first night and as I write this he is already fast asleep (25 minutes later!)