Checking Out Lethbridge Print
Written by Susan Hollingshead   
Tuesday, 17 July 2007 14:54
july 18-07.jpgWhen we first reserved at Bridgeview RV Park, we could only get one night’s stay but when we arrived here yesterday, we requested to be put on a waiting list for a longer stay. This morning we learned that if we moved to a different site, we could stay two extra nights which is exactly what we wanted. We were slow to get ourselves going today so once we finally moved sites, we had lunch and then we went out to get “acquainted” with Lethbridge.

We were here once before in 2002 (pre-fulltiming) and the city has grown like a bad weed since then. It took us awhile to sort out where things are but once we did, we started to get more comfortable here. The reason that matters is because someday we may just want to make Lethbridge our home city. Alberta has many plusses; some of them being that for us it is more centrally accessible to our kids (three live in Ontario, two live in BC), there is no sales tax here so big purchases such as cars, appliances etc. cost less and real estate is still reasonable (at least in Lethbridge). We also like the fact that the province is debt free. Ideally, we’d love to find a condo complex similar to Yaletown, that wouldn’t be completed for a few years.

We did find one today that we really like, The Sierra’s of Courtyard Terrace by Medican, but the scheduled completion date is next spring which is just too soon. It seems that condo construction isn’t quite as abundant in Lethbridge as we had hoped so though it was an interesting day it didn’t prove to be very fruitful.

It was a productive day though as far as the website goes because I have made some changes…again. I incorporated the “About Rick” and “About Susan” pages into the “Our Story” tab and have added a “Where We Are Now” tab where you will find on a map where we are actually located. And of course you can click on the new Flickr Photo Album tab where you’ll find more pictures which I will add to as I take them. There were none taken today, hence the Welcome to Alberta picture that I took yesterday!