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Written by Susan Hollingshead   
Monday, 16 July 2007 14:17
july 17-07.jpgAfter a great night’s sleep at the Trail West RV Park just outside of Glasgow, Montana we lazily prepared for our drive today. We were heading for Lethbridge, Alberta and it was only 650 km. which would take us just about six hours. By 10:00 AM we were back on Highway 2, heading west.

I mentioned yesterday how I am baffled as to why anyone would live in these parts (southern Manitoba, Saskatchewan and south eastern Alberta fall in this category too!) and today made me question this even more. We drove through towns that make Warminster and Spanish (tiny Ontario towns) seem like downtown Toronto by comparison. Seriously, life has to be incredibly quiet in the winter which no doubt gets pretty damned cold and snowy. Accidental deaths are marked with small white crosses which were frequently dotting both sides of the highway. Rick is convinced that those folks met their demise from sheer boredom!

Highway 2 is marked as the “scenic” route and though it is was pretty (for the first 10 minutes) the monotony of seeing it for so long got to be dull very quickly. We were relieved when we arrived at Highway 15 which led us north to Sweet Grass, Montana and ultimately into Alberta. Yes, we have arrived back in Canada and tonight are staying at the Bridgeview RV Resort just off of Highway 3 on the west side of Lethbridge. The first thing we did once we got settled was hit Costco for fresh fish, fruit and organic salad and then went out for dinner at a good sushi restaurant. It is nice to be back on Canadian turf again!

And by the way,you'll notice a new tab on the left where you can go to see additional pictures. I have a lot yet to add, so please check there often.