Happy 1 Year Birthday, Monet! PDF Print E-mail
Written by Susan Hollingshead   
Sunday, 08 July 2007 10:10
july 9-07.jpgWe both woke up this morning feeling well rested probably because we felt a sense of satisfaction just knowing everything is clean and tidy. Since leaving California in April, we haven’t really had things so in order and therefore this is a nice feeling. Traveling over all roads; winding around mountains, going up and down an assortment of grades and hitting rough spots along the way, causes previously unseen dust to creep out of every nook and cranny. In Ontario we were preoccupied with Bill and Laura’s wedding; at the Travel Supreme factory in Indiana, it was impossible to stay on top of it and parking in Mission, we put aside cleaning for enjoying our grandchildren and visiting our condo. This really has been the first time we have had the opportunity to just dig in and get the task of cleaning the Moho done properly and it just plain feels good!

This morning Rick finished the last of the outside polishing and then he reorganized the trailer once again. We learned on this trip two things; one of the shelves wasn’t braced enough causing it to partially collapse onto the motorcycle and road dirt finds its way into every hole in the trailer floor making the contents very dirty. He has now reinforced the shelf and moved the location of the motorcycle brace which has the added benefit of make loading and unloading it easier. He also filled in all the holes which were created from moving the tie-down hardware to accommodate the Mini, so the trailer is once again “hole-free”.

This afternoon we ventured into Rapid City for groceries and to get our bearings. We stopped by the hotel where the Voyageur Association rally is being headquartered from and saw that the parking lot was already filling up with Kawasaki motorcycles. It is really hot again today, 36°C (97°F), but tomorrow it is supposed to be a little cooler which will make it more pleasant for riding. (Today we drove the car.)

Today is Monet’s 1st birthday and though we missed it in person we will celebrate it when we get back to Mission at the end of the month. Karley and Ian held a small birthday party for her yesterday and here is a picture of her on the left and her birthday cake on the right depicting a princess on a bulldozer, a pretty accurate description of her current personality!