A Quiet Day Print
Thursday, 22 January 2004 00:00

This morning we woke up to another clear day. Rick had started to install a new stereo/cd player in Graham and Gayle's RV on Tuesday and today he wanted to finish the job so I decided to have a quiet day. My intention was to do some cleaning and get caught up on my reading. I did some laundry, swept the floor, ironed some clothes, surfed the net, went for a bicycle ride and before long, the day had ended.

Rick is a fix-it guy. He can fix just about anything and as a result, he gets called on to fix a lot of things for other people too. The thing is he likes doing these tasks and he does them well. Since we have arrived he has installed a satellite system and a stereo/cd player, repaired a light and a fridge on Graham and Gayle's coach. He has also repaired an inverter on our coach. However when he gets involved in these jobs, our sight seeing and exploring time is greatly reduced. Hence I have little to write about today.

When I went on my bike ride, I paid more attention to the license plates on the various RV's here. There are people staying here from Maine, Massachusetts, Missouri, Texas and even Alaska as well as the states I listed previously. Also at both ponds there are signs asking us to please not feed the alligators, not that I have seen any yet. But according to Rick's niece who lives here; in Florida, where there is water,there are alligators so always beware!

Here I am busily trying to think of what I can write to keep you all updated!


PS: Tomorrow, we are exploring!