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Friday, 23 January 2004 00:00

 Yay! Today we decided to do some exploring. We headed south to the The Sarasota Jungle Gardens . It is a small park with a lot of what looked like my old houseplants on steroids all over the place! The park is the host to a variety of tropical birds, reptiles, snakes and animals. We were able to observe a very informative, live presentation on some of the reptiles and snakes and I took a lot of photographs. This fellow is Larry, one of the many parrots housed at the Gardens.

The weather was sunny and cool, especially in the shade, but a good day for a drive so we took a scenic drive home along the coast. We took the Sunshine Skyway Bridge a very impressive bridge spanning 12 miles over the water. We stopped at the fishing pier and watched the many fishermen, pelicans and seagulls. I am always fascinated by the way pelicans will dive bomb for a meal.

As we got closer to the park we were stuck in rush hour traffic so we were able to watch a beautiful sunset over the water. It was a clear night and we really had no urgency to get back, so it was a pleasant ride. Tomorrow we are joining Gayle, Graham and some of their family on an outing to Seaworld in Orlando!