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Thursday, 29 January 2004 00:00

We have decided to keep the car (or at least for now)! We have been toying with the possibility of getting something larger so that we don't have to carry our bicycles on the back of the motorhome and for extra storage space. However, after cleaning out the basement we have made better use of the space we have and we bought a new cover for the bikes that is more durable and a much better colour. Therefore, we decided to get the windows tinted on the car and today we set out to do it. We consulted with Chantelle, who lives here and went to a place, recommended by her husband. Cool

While it was being done, we were able to use Chantelle's car to go to the Clearwater Marine Aquarium. This aquarium is a non-profit, working aquarium dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation and release of injured marine life. They were caring for some dolphins, some sea turtles and some North American river otters among others. We were fortunate enough to be there while the staff was feeding and doing some training with two of their dolphins. The training is done in order to enable them to safely give the dolphin's medical attention while in their care. They were so smart and so entertaining to watch, we could have easily stayed there all day.

The picture here is of a trainer with "Percy" a rescued dolphin. Unfortunately, he was born in captivity and was rescued by the aquarium, but sadly he cannot be released in the wild because he has been so domesticated.