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Friday, 06 February 2004 00:00

We had decided that we wanted to go out fishing while we were in the Keys, so last night after a dinner in Islamorada, we looked for someone who could take us out. In the morning. Gayle had decided she wouldn't go with us but Graham, Rick and I had made arrangements to go out with Mike Brumm, of Daybreaker on his boat Daylight. We were to meet him at the dock for 12:00 noon.

I woke up with a kink in my back and I decided I shouldn't go. My back had been giving me some grief the day before but I thought I had just slept on it funny and that a good night's sleep would resolve it. Unfortunately, the good night's sleep wasn't the answer and I was afraid that the fishing expedition might cause me more problems than it was worth. Gayle and I drove the guys into the marina after we stopped at a local bakery/cafe for a late breakfast. Mike was waiting for them and they set off to do some fishing. Gayle and I left them to do some fishing of our own at the World Wide Sportsman Store (now known as Bass Pro) next door!

We picked the guys up at 5:30. They had caught at least two dozen fish each, mostly Spanish Mackerel however they only kept eight which we had for supper. They were delicious!