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Monday, 09 February 2004 00:00

 Gayle and Graham left today to go back to Tampa and this afternoon Rick and I ventured into Key West. Jay and Rachel bought us a sunset cruise with Fury Catamarans for my birthday and we wanted to go today. When we first got to Key West we had some time to sight see so we went to the Key West Cemetery, a recommended destination. It is all built above ground and is rather haphazardly laid out with no particular rhyme or reason. We found graves that were from the early 1800's and there were a lot of children's graves. I guess there must have been an epidemic that swept the island at one time. There were gravesites for people who immigrated here from England, Nassau and Cuba as well as sites for people who moved here from various parts of the US. There is a lot of history in this part of the world.

From there, we went to the marina where our boat cruise was sailing from. There was a large cruise ship in port but it was just leaving and there was a massive, private motor yacht, along with many others that looked tiny in comparison. We could see many sail boats anchored in the neighbouring harbour. We boarded the Cat and settled on deck for our ride. Rick has never sailed before, so this was an experience for him. The crew offered the passengers as much wine, beer or champagne as they could handle as well as soda pop or water. It was a great night for a sail and the sunset was spectacular. We met a really nice couple from New Jersey with seven adult children and I spoke at great length with our captain, Wally. He was originally from Cleveland but has lived down here for three years. He likes to race sailboats and he skippers this cat five days a week and a replica of one of the vessels used in the American Cup one day a week.

We had a great day and evening in Key West and wish we were staying longer. The possibility of us coming back and wintering here in a future year is very good.Cool