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Wednesday, 11 February 2004 00:00
 This morning we decided to become familiar with the area. First we went to The Monkey Jungle a private wildlife park used to study primates in an atmosphere similar to the wild. It is billed as a primate "bio-park" where the monkeys run wild and the humans are caged! There were some endangered species that would surely perish in the wild and that are carefully being nurtured to help them survive as well as some more common primates. It was an interesting outing and we learned a lot.
We then went to Coconut Grove, an upscale area for lunch at an interesting café called The Café Tu Tu Tango for a really good lunch. They explained to us that the dishes came in "appetizer" size and that we may need to order three or four to satisfy our hunger. The portions were a perfect size (similar to what we are used to in Canada) and we each ordered two.
From there, we went to Key Biscayne where there are a number of beautiful beaches and parks as well as The Miami Seaquarium. We decided we would like to go back there with our bicycles, as there are dozens of wonderful trails that wind through the parks and community. We stopped and I dipped my feet in the ocean because on Monday, while in Key West, I was bitten and stung several times by a fire ant on my foot. The biggest problem is that I also have a new blister between my toes, complicated by this nasty "ant" wound and it is quite painful. In order to walk around today, I wore hot running shoes as opposed to sandals and the dip in the ocean was a needed relief. We thoroughly enjoyed the 30C temperature, blue skies, sand and sun!Cool