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Tuesday, 17 February 2004 00:00

After we decided to sell the house and go RVing fulltime, we knew we needed to learn an exercise method to keep us fit requiring little or no equipment that we could do on the road. I am not aerobically inclined (lacking co-ordination), weight lifting is too limiting and heavy (for the RV) and anything requiring bulky equipment was out of the question. Through our chiropractor, Julia Iamarino from Craighurst Chiropractic, we discovered Pilates. She even organized Pilate's lessons with Heather Denstead, an instructor from Barrie for a group of us. Twice a week Heather would come to our house in Coulson and teach eight to ten of us the principals of Pilates.

After our lengthy bicycle ride yesterday and our walk around the zoo, we were exhausted and this morning we both woke up stiff and sore. While we were in Tampa, my back started to give me some grief but since we restarted doing a morning Pilate's workout three days ago, it has improved tremendously. For any of you reading this, I urge you to seek out this form of exercise no matter what shape you are currently in. It helps to strengthen your core muscles, which are vital to maintain good health and for us "older" kids, it will help to keep you flexible.
The Kids

Since we have been gone, we regularly stay in touch with the kids through email, MSN Messenger and phone calls. The nice thing is that they still remain close to each other as well. This past weekend, Karley flew into Toronto from Vancouver with her boyfriend Ian. Jay, his girlfriend Rachel, Jamie, his girlfriend Mary and Bill and his girlfriend Laura were able to get together with them for lunch on Sunday. Karley sent me this picture of them together: from left we have Jay & Rachel, Ian & Karley, Jamie & Mary, Bill & Laura. Unfortunately Angie and her boyfriend Glen were not there.

RV Washing

Today it is overcast and therefore a perfect day to wash the motorhome because apparently it leaves no streaks. Rick has wanted to thoroughly clean it since the summer and he has been outside washing it since 10:00 this morning. It is something he enjoys doing (???) and it allows me to catch up on my emailing and reading. The forecast for the rest of the week is sunny and warm so we will be back in the exploration mode tomorrow.Wink