Our Last Day of Sunshine PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 04 October 2004 00:00
This morning a DJ from a local radio station announced that the clouds were moving in tomorrow and that we wouldn't see the sun again until the spring. One of the things that made us reluctant to stay in Vancouver was the fact that apparently it rains a lot so it will be an interesting experience for us to spend the winter here. We certainly had a fabulous summer and based on what our family and friends from Ontario tell us, it was a far cry from what they experienced there.

Because it was still clear and sunny, we decided today would be a good day to drive up to Whistler to see the changes we had heard were happening there. We had last been there in 1996/97 when we took a skiing vacation with Jamie, Bill and their friend Trevor and it was undergoing major growth then. Well, in a few short years the place has mushroomed and there is construction throughout making it almost unrecognizable to us. There are multi-million dollar chalets all over the place and new hotels and commercial hubs popping up everywhere. A lot of the development is in preparation for the Olympics coming here in 2010 however these places are already being sustained by the 2 million + visitors that come here annually.

The drive to Whistler and back along the Sea to Sky Highway 1 was scenic though marred with pockets of major reconstruction at every turn. This highway desperately needs upgrading and widening before 2010 and based on what we experienced, they have a huge project on their hands. It will undoubtedly get much worse before it gets better but that is the price of progress. As we descended, getting closer to West Vancouver we were enveloped by a dense fog, which quickly dissipated as we got into the city. We watched as the sun took on an eerie appearance and then vanished altogether before reappearing as a vibrant ball of red as it settled in the ocean. It was a fine way to spend our "last" day of sunshine. Cool