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Thursday, 14 October 2004 00:00
I am directionally challenged. Rick says I could get lost in the shower and I am sad to say that he's probably right. Yes, I admit it; on my own without him or a GPS system, I get hopelessly off course. Sadly, I seemed to have passed that gene on to two of my three offspring, so at least I am not alone with this disability. Tonight, I didn't turn on the GPS system because I thought I knew where I was going (after all I was going to my class, which is in its fourth week). I no sooner left the RV park that I turned left where I should have turned right and off to Neverland I went. I was finally able to retrace my route back to the park so I could get going in the right direction. This happens to me time and time again.

For years I couldn't tell the difference between my left hand and my right hand without a lot of effort. Once I got married I was saved because then I could just look for my wedding ring to help me. Here in Vancouver I am hopeless with direction because there are rivers dissecting the terrain with bridges to cross. When I think I finally have it figured out I discover that the highway that was going east and west is now going north and south (they really do change) and it totally messes me up. I know our address and I know how to get from there to Karley's and back. I know how to get to the mall and Costco, so I know ALL the important stuff but don't ask me how to get anywhere else.

When I owned my cleaning service, I knew all the back roads and shortcuts in Simcoe County and I wasn't bad when getting around in Toronto either but here in Vancouver and the lower mainland, I have a serious problem. If I had to actually use a map, I would have a real difficult time finding where I am on it. I am very uncoordinated so perhaps that's the cause; I have no internal balancing system or compass. Whatever the problem, I am relieved that we have a GPS system and a cell phone that I can take with me when I go off on my own. At least I can program in where I want to go and if it fails me I can call for help. Where would I be without modern technology other than completely lost? Wink