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Thursday, 21 October 2004 00:00
Since we started our journey, I have made it a point to write everyday for a number of reasons. One being that writing consistently is wonderful discipline for me, making me accountable not only to myself but also to those who read this. Another reason for writing daily is that I can record what we do, where we've been and when we were there. I have a poor memory for detail and this is a wonderful exercise because in order to write about each day, I need to be more observant. I write to keep my family, friends and others abreast of what's going on in our lives even though we are over 3000 miles away. Some of my writing is about places we have been fortunate enough to visit, some is about the people we have met and some is about my feelings or observations.

I don't claim to be a travel writer, even though I enjoy sightseeing and exploring new places but I consider myself to simply be a sharer of our travels, our lives and our experiences. Some of the stuff I write is "inspired" writing, some is experienced and some is just there. I hope through it all, some of you can relate to it, some of you will find it interesting and some of you will be entertained by it. Like a politician I expect to "please some of the people some of the time" but I know it would be impossible to please everybody, everyday, all the time. When I am "inspired" to write, which is happening more and more lately, I feel that my subject matter is more interesting and the words flow out of me. When I write from my heart, it takes me longer but that is because I am baring a little bit of my soul, which requires strength and courage on my part and it is not always available. There are days when I am at a loss for words and on those days, it takes me forever to write about something. Usually, I wait until something "comes" to me and then my subject matter is better along with my satisfaction.

Now that we are stationary for a while, our sightseeing days are fewer hence my "travel" material is limited and part of me is happy about it. That way, I can share more of my thoughts and feelings and for some reason I find that therapeutic. So folks, I hope what you read still resonates somewhere inside of you and keeps you coming back for more. Smile