The Power of Meditation PDF Print E-mail
Sunday, 07 November 2004 00:00

nov 7-04.jpgThe many benefits of meditation have been touted for years and have been scientifically proven and though I had tried before, I just didn't "get" it. Since I was first "awakened" to my spiritual path just about two years ago, I understand the value of it more and have been trying even harder to meditate. Since November 2002, I have been utilizing as many methods as I could find, but I still struggled with it. I have been able to reach that meditative state several times but not always and now I feel the need for it more than ever.

A few weeks ago an advertisement in a local paper caught my eye, "Meditate Deeper Than a Zen Monk in 17 Minutes" and it offered a free sample CD of their methods. It sounded good, would cost nothing and so I ordered it. Two days later their CD had arrived but by then I figured it was a scam so I threw it down on my desk and forgot about it. Two weeks later, I received a letter reminding me to try the CD and as I had some time that day, I did. The CD contained some background noise on it while a commentator spoke to explain the process of it and why it worked. He also explained in detail some of the scientific findings and benefits of meditation and at the end I was left with just the "music" for about two or three minutes. I was absolutely amazed at the outcome. I did indeed drop into that deep, relaxed meditative state that they advertised in the short time remaining with their music.

On Wednesday, I ordered The Holosync CD's from Centerpointe and they arrived on Friday. I have started the process and listen to one half hour of it every evening as suggested. I am amazed at the simplicity of it and am truly impressed. For more info, go to their website above to read about it and the testimonials. It may not be as inexpensive as trying to meditate on your own however, when I think of the money I have spent on other CD's to help me, they offer the best bargain around and I am successful everytime.