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Saturday, 13 November 2004 00:00

As I have gotten older my hair has gotten curlier. I have been growing it long because it requires less maintenance but the longer it gets the more unruly it becomes. For the past 15 years I have also had highlights added to brighten up the colour because, though it is still blond, it has darkened over the years.

Today, Karley touched up my highlights and gave my hair a trim, something I badly needed and wanted before I head back to Ontario. While Rick and Ian completed the tiling of the new bathroom, Karley converted their kitchen into a hair salon. I am so lucky to have the good fortune of having a hairdresser in the family and I'll take advantage of it while I can. As her belly gets larger, reaching her clients is becoming more awkward and it is quite comical to watch her with her tool pouch perched up high around her vanishing waist. The picture included here was taken last weekend while she gave Ian a trim and you can see what I mean about her vanishing waist.

When we were finished the guys had finally glued the last tile up so we rewarded ourselves with a trek in to Kitsilano, a nearby neighbourhood, to go to Banyen Books, one of our favourite stores. I was looking for a book that could help to boost me spiritually so I can be as supportive as I can for Jay without displaying my fear for his health and if any place would have such a book, Banyen would. Sure enough, we left there with some great reading material and then crossed the street for a quiet dinner at the Aphrodite Café, for a tasty organic meal. We had a nice day, all of us accomplishing something and spending time with each other. I leave here on Monday for two weeks and with just over five weeks to go until Junior arrives, today just may have been the last time to have that kind of day. Wink