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Tuesday, 15 March 2005 16:00
2005-03-16.jpgToday, our final day here in Pismo Beach, we decided to ride our bicycles along the beach towards the Sand Dunes of Oceano. The weather is still perfect, though a little cooler along the shoreline with the high reaching 22C. Besides the pedestrians, cars, ATV's, motorcycles and the odd RV on the beach this morning, we saw several people enjoying the trek on horseback, Occasionally we could see a few brave souls boogie boarding but the water is too cold for us so we were content to ride our bikes and watch them from a distance. We rode for about an hour and didn't even come close to covering the length of the beach, which is approximately 19 miles long. Yours truly managed to get caught off guard by a wave rolling into shore and soaked my running shoes but by then I was hot from bicycling, so the cold water actually felt good.

After lunch at the motorhome, we drove the car into town to walk out on the 1,200 foot-long Pismo Pier where we saw several fishermen hoping to catch a record perch. Fishing licences aren't required when fishing off the pier and the perch are huge so if they were lucky enough to catch one, it would be a cheap dinner. The wind was really strong this afternoon so it felt quite cool out there, however it didn't stop dozens of surfers with wet suits and a few crazy people wearing only bathing suits from going in the water. The surfers were trying to find the perfect wave and I suspect the swimmers were tourists wanting to be able to say they swam in the Pacific Ocean. We wandered around the streets leading from the beach where we poked around the geared-to-tourists shops before going back to the motorhome.

Rick made himself happy polishing and cleaning the car while I researched some campgrounds because tomorrow we will head inland, the first time since we left Vancouver. The forecast here is changing and there are signs of rain in the near future but hopefully it will be short-lived and we will continue to have fine weather. Regardless, we have no complaints and have certainly enjoyed the California coast.