Another Day in Mexico PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 28 March 2005 16:00
The horrendous wind we experienced yesterday had died down overnight and we woke up to beautiful clear blue skies and a forecasted high of 25C. It seemed like a good day to return to Mexico and explore Los Algodones some more while ALL the stores are open unlike our visit there on Good Friday. Besides, if the prices were what we had been told, we were planning on having our eyes examined and getting some new glasses

In 2002, when we drove our other motorhome across the Canadian prairies during the late summer, there were so many grasshoppers that we had to stop to clean the windshield in order to see out. Here in this neck of the woods we are having a similar problem, only with butterflies...thousands of them everywhere. Yesterday the wind was so strong, it was the first day we didn't really see any but today they were back in full force. By the time we arrived at the border, the front of the car was a yellow splattered mess so I am pretty sure I know what Rick will be doing tomorrow.

Obviously the regulars who go to Mexico for dental work and eyeglasses knew that most of the stores would be closed on Friday because there was a huge difference in the numbers of shoppers there today. All the stores and restaurants were open and there were far more vendors around displaying their wares. There were dozens of shoppers, each one trying to negotiate a bargain while others were enjoying margaritas and Corona beers in the open cafes. .....And we wandered around the streets enjoying the weather and the hustle and bustle around us while we waited for our new, deeply discounted prescription glasses! Cool